Some call it ‘behavioural analysis’ others ‘behaviour detection’. Some call it ‘differentiation’, others use the term ‘profiling’. Green Light’s solution is called ‘Tactical Risk Assessment of People’, in short: T.R.A.P.®

T.R.A.P.® customers seek to mitigate criminal intent by identifying perpetrators based on their appearance, behaviour and compliance with baseline expectations. T.R.A.P.® is the security solution, which is based on the application of common sense and focusing on persons of interest and situations that demand further investigation. T.R.A.P.® is non-racial profiling.

T.R.A.P.® is an effective way to upskill your security personnel through behavioural analysis education. The training courses provide participants with a methodology of identifying threatening or potentially disruptive individuals through observation and questioning techniques. Our solution is based on logical common sense-based risk assessment, baselining and a non-discriminatory profiling system.

The T.R.A.P.® programme has been delivered as specific training for employees at a number of international airports and major sporting events.

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