Managing Director

Philip Baum

Philip Baum, Green Light’s Managing Director, is an ardent proponent of, and specialist in, behavioural analysis and profiling techniques whilst also taking the lead on the creation of inflight security and hijack management programmes. He serves as a consultant and instructor on Green Light’s T.R.A.P.®, inflight security and unruly passenger management programmes.

Philip is Visiting Professor, Aviation Security, at Coventry University, the Editor-in-Chief of Aviation Security International, and author of Violence in the Skies: a history of aircraft hijacking and bombing. He regularly chairs, moderates and speaks at industry conferences and has developed and moderated Green Light’s own industry events: DISPAX World (Istanbul, 2009, London, 2014 and London, 2019), Behavioural Analysis (Cardiff, 2018 and Minneapolis, 2019), Body Search World (London, 2015 and Istanbul, 2020), and Inflight Emergency Response (Riga, 2016).

Head Office Staff

Nicky Simonds-Gooding

For sales enquiries regarding T.R.A.P. and Green Light’s aviation security courses, please contact Nicky on 

Lucy Rawlings

For enquiries regarding Green Light’s conferences, seminars, accounts, administration and sales enquiries for products, please contact Lucy on

Alexandra James

For enquiries regarding proofreading, and the submission of content for Air Watch and press releases for Aviation Security International, please contact Ally on

Consultants and Trainers

Stephen Ackroyd

Based: UK

Stephen is a trainer and consultant in the area of aviation risk management. He works in tandem with Green Light on airport/airline security management projects and is also a T.R.A.P.® trainer. Stephen is a Chartered Security Professional (CSyP) and former Head of Aviation Security for British Midland International (bmi) which, at the time, was the second largest UK airline operating out of Heathrow. He has a masters’ degree in Security Management from Loughborough University and a Certificate in Terrorism Studies from the University of St Andrews.

Aaron Le Boutillier

Based: Thailand

Aaron is Green Light’s subject matter expert on disruptive passenger communication, management and restraint. He also advises on self-defence tactics. He is regarded as one of the world’s leading exponents of disruptive passenger training, tactical communication skills and the restraint of violent persons; he has delivered hard and soft skills courses in these areas to over 30,000 cabin crew from 20 different airlines. Aaron has also been at the forefront of conflict management training since 1996 and has developed training packages for a variety of industries.

Jeremy Butler

Based: England

A former Chief Inspector with the Police, Jeremy is now training behavioural analysis as a freelance instructor within Green Light’s T.R.A.P. team. Jeremy has over 30 years’ experience in the police service and has worked for the past seven years in a managerial capacity on an offender behaviour programme in prisons, including high security establishments. Over the past four years he has lead a team of security guards to protect broadcasting sites for national and international organisations at the British Open Championships.

Neville Hay

Based: UK

Neville is a consultant, trainer and key member of Green Light’s T.R.A.P.® team. He is a former member of Special Branch, the oldest counterterrorism unit in the world dealing with national security, and a former member of the risk assessment group at Britain’s second largest airport. Neville is a graduate of the ICAO AVSEC PM programme and is accredited by the UK Department for Transport as an Avsec Manager. His experience is built on 32 years of diverse operational policing, and collaboration with both the National Crime Agency and UK Border Force.

Alexandra James

Based: Cardiff, Wales

Alexandra has been working with Green Light since October 2015 and is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Forensic Linguistics at Cardiff University. She graduated with a first class degree in English and Creative Writing (University of London) and also has a Master’s degree in Curation (University of the West of England). Her responsibilities include: Editorial (writing and proofing articles for Aviation Security International, including compiling the Air Watch section of newsworthy incidents. She also proofread Violence in the Skies); and Course Facilitation (assisting on inflight security courses when unruly passenger communication and restraint topics are included). Prior to working for Green Light, Alexandra worked for Radiology Reporting Online, where she worked in a quality assurance management role in X-ray and CT reporting.

Katharine Ng

Based: Hong Kong

Katharine is a trainer and consultant specialising in corporate and aviation training. She is Green Light’s subject matter expert on facilitation skills and instructional techniques and works in tandem with Green Light on crew resource management (CRM) programmes. With an aviation career spanning 20 years, Katharine’s journey has taken her from cabin crew for Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific, to eight years with Cathay Pacific’s Human Factors department. She co-founded Viva Macau Airlines in 2004 and holds qualifications in Adult Education and Training from Hong Kong University.

Margaret S. Nolan

Based: UK

Margaret is a trainer/consultant who works in tandem with Green Light delivering training to frontline staff, and their supervisors, on X-ray image interpretation, explosives and weapons recognition, bag and body search techniques, cargo and inflight supplies security controls. Margaret has more than 30 years’ experience in the aviation industry and possesses a comprehensive knowledge of operational, technical and training issues. She worked at Manchester Airport for 11 years in senior security positions and is experienced in a range of training delivery and support methods, including tutor-led workshops, case studies, on-the-job development, group and one-to-one coaching and mentoring.

Paul Quellin

Based: Isle of Man

Paul is a trainer/consultant who works in tandem with Green Light delivering training to frontline staff, and their supervisors, on X-ray image interpretation, explosives and weapons recognition, bag and body search techniques, cargo and inflight supplies security controls. With more than 30 years’ experience in the field, Paul has played a role in some of the industry’s significant developments. His specialties are in weapons and explosives recognition, X-ray operations and screener performance enhancement. Since 2000, Paul has been specifically engaged in aviation security training development and delivery projects, representing Green Light on many of its overseas projects. He has developed web-based training for a wide variety of mandated training courses.

Malcolm Squires

Based: UK

Malcolm is a trainer/consultant who works in tandem with Green Light delivering training to frontline staff, and their supervisors, on X-ray image interpretation, explosives and weapons recognition, bag and body search techniques, cargo and inflight supplies security controls and security risk management. Malcolm enjoyed a 30-year career with the Royal Air Force Police, serving in various theatres of operation around the world including, Germany, Canada, Falkland Islands, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and at numerous units in the UK. During this time, Malcolm was responsible for training RAF personnel in passenger screening operations.

Diana Stancu Godet

Based: Belgium

Diana is a legal specialist and a key member of Green Light’s T.R.A.P.® team. She provides consultancy and training services on international aviation legislation and security. Diana started her aviation career as a legal advisor for the Romanian Aviation Academy whilst also acting as an instructor for external courses on international aviation, European legislation and aviation security. She is a graduate of the Air and Space Law graduate programme at the International Institute of Air and Space Law, The Netherlands, and holds masters’ degrees in International Business Law and Project Management as well as being a graduate of the ICAO/Concordia AVSEC PM programme.

Terry Upsall

Based: Indonesia & UK

Terry is one of our in-house instructors who has been training for Green Light for more than 15 years. He specialises in delivering Green Light’s T.R.A.P.® behavioural analysis programmes, as well as inflight security and unruly passenger management and restraint courses. Terry now conducts IATA’s Inflight Security courses on behalf of Green Light. He has conducted many courses for a range of airlines around the globe, from end-user programmes through to train-the-trainer courses. He also trains corporate security and self-defence courses for multinational organisations. He is a key member of Green Light’s T.R.A.P.® training delivery team.

Sagit Yehoshua

Based: Israel

Sagit specialises in academic-based profiling workshops where a greater understanding of the context in which terrorism flourishes is demanded. As a criminologist specialising in profiling and the psychology of terrorism, her work has involved years of researching and teaching the mindset and conduct of individuals and groups involved in terrorism and political violence. Sagit is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Counter-Terrorism (I.C.T.), Inter-Disciplinary Centre, Herzliya, Israel, and joined the International Centre for the Study of De-radicalisation (ICSR) at King’s College London as an Atkin Research Fellow in 2009.