Aircrew, both pilots and flight attendants, are required to be familiar with a broad range of security-related material. Green Light’s course ensures that participants are familiar with all the Annex 6 mandated topics and can apply appropriate emergency response procedures when faced with the challenge of responding to a security threat in the course of their duties.

Course Content

Avsec History & Trends
Aviation Security Legislation
Threat Levels
Passenger & Baggage Screening Processes & Limitations
Passenger Profiles
Passenger Types
Behavioural Analysis for Aircrew
Aircrew Mental Health
Flight Deck Door Procedures
Air Marshal Deployment
Stages of a Hijack
Hijack Syndromes
Crew Role in a Hijack
Airport Incident Management
Weapons & Explosives
Chemical/Biological Weapon Response
Aircraft Search
Bomb Threat Management
Least Risk Bomb Location
Disruptive Passenger Triggers
Warning & Danger Signs
Verbal De-escalation Theory
Restraint Theory
Crew Security at Hotels & Overseas


Train-the-Trainer version: 5 days
Aircrew version: 1 or 2 days (depending on class size and airline preference)

Course Numbers

Train-the-Trainer version: 18 participants
Aircrew version: 18 participants
The Train-the-Trainer version of the course includes sessions on Training Mindset and Scenario Planning. There is also a considerable amount of role play as trainees deliver sample lessons to the rest of the class.