Philip Baum, Managing Director Green Light Ltd., regularly chairs, moderates and speaks at industry conferences. He is also available to write articles or provide expert comment to the media in the aftermath of a security incident involving civil aviation.

If you are from the media and wish to interview Philip Baum, please telephone +44 (0)20 8255 9447 to make arrangements or email Philip directly at LINK. Please note that, in the aftermath of a security incident, it is better to telephone than email.

If you are from the industry, or from a conference or exhibition company which organises aviation industry events, and would like to invite Philip Baum to chair or moderate a conference or session, please telephone +44 (0)20 8255 9447 or CONTACT US.

If you are from outside the transportation industry and would like to book Philip Baum as an after-dinner or event speaker (see:, please liaise with his agents – Kruger Cowne – in the first instance by email to:

Please note that, if you are from the media, contacting Philip in the aftermath of a security incident, please do NOT contact Kruger Cowne.