Even granted the best customer service training, unruly passenger incidents will still occur and even the best-managed incident can still result in a passenger needing to be restrained. Unlike many companies that seek to train aircrew in martial arts in a couple of hours of classroom training, our approach takes into consideration the limited amount of training time available. We are realistic as to what aircrew are likely to remember in the midst of an incident. Consequently, we teach fairly simple techniques which, when crew act as a team rather than as individuals, will enable them to ensure that safety of the flight and limit injury to crew, fellow passengers and even the perpetrator. Where airlines operate with single flight attendants, the Green Light course is adapted to show how ABPs (able-bodied passengers) can be called upon to assist in a restraint.

Course Content

Warning & Danger Signs
De-escalation Skills
Tactical Communication
Ability, Opportunity & Intent
Theory of Restraint
Introduction to Teamwork
Element of Surprise
Law & the Violent Individual
Tokyo Convention & Powers of the Commander
Introduction to Control & Restraint Techniques
Folding Arm Technique
Handcuff Positioning
Procedures for Seating a Passenger
Introduction to Pressure Points
Floor & Galley Restraint
Positional Asphyxia
Aftercare and Documentation
Escaping from Wrist Grabs & Chokes
Crowd/Mob Management
Case Studies

Green Light’s Train-the-Trainer programme is designed for airlines who wish to provide their trainers with the physical skills and security knowledge to safely instruct aircrew in a team restraint.

On Location Training

By conducting training at our clients’ facilities, airlines do not incur the considerable transportation and accommodation expenses associated with delegate attendance at international courses. Furthermore, we are able to tailor courses to the procedural requirements of individual airlines.


Train-the-Trainer version: 5 days
Aircrew version: 1 day

Course Numbers

Train-the-Trainer version: 16 participants
Aircrew version: 18 participants