Security specialists in the areas of behavioural analysis, passenger profiling, hijack management, unruly passenger restraint and aviation security screening.

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Green Light

Green Light is a global provider of security consultancy and training services, with a versatile and highly qualified team of consultants, each one being an expert in their given speciality within the safety and security arena.

All programmes and services offered are customised to clients’ needs and reflect the current threat environment and consider future attack scenarios as well as those of yesteryear. Be it consultancy or training, Green Light aims to ensure that common sense is the lowest common denominator and the solutions it proffers aim to reflect national and international standards, whilst developing individual and corporate mindsets that are not excessively reliant on tick-box exercises.

We embrace technology and consider it an essential part of the security web that protects industry infrastructure, but Green Light supplies the human approach, to enhance human factors, delivered by human beings for the benefit of humankind… If that is your goal, provide us the brief and we will deliver the solution.

Our Mission
Through the provision of consultancy and training services, to educate, advise and inform individuals, organisations and governments of the threat of international terrorism, criminal activity and the actions of desperate individuals who aim to disrupt our daily lives.

– Philip Baum

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