Delegate Registration

  • A two-day conference exploring how the observation of behavioural indicators and the utilisation of tactical risk analysis and non-racial profiling techniques can help mitigate the threat posed by those with hostile or criminal intent.
  • From 20-26 April 2020. Green Light, now in conjunction with the Israel Airports Authority, invites industry professionals to participate in the 11th Israeli Transportation Security Solutions delegation. Your opportunity for a behind-the-scenes look at:
    • Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport
    • Eilat’s Ramon International Airport
    • Taba/Arava Border Crossing
    • Israel/Palestinian Territories Security Fence
  • Disruptive passenger incidents occur on a daily basis around the globe. Most are fairly minor in nature and are never reported; the more serious incidents may reach the attention of the media GBP 487.50 (+ VAT where applicable) +P&P