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Philip Baum
Philip Baum is an ardent proponent of, and specialist in, Passenger Profiling Techniques, whilst also focusing on the creation of In-flight Security and Hijack Management programmes.



Aaron Le BoutillierAaron Le Boutillier
Aaron Le Boutillier, with a policing and martial arts background, is a leading exponent of Disruptive Passenger Restraint, Defensive Tactics and Tactical Communications skills training.

Paul QuellinPaul Quellin
Paul Quellin, former Head of Security Training at Manchester Airport plc, is an expert in Passenger, Baggage and Cargo Screening, X-ray Operations and Weapons and Explosives Recognition.

Diana M.StancuDiana M.Stancu
Diana Stancu, formerly worked for the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority, specialises in Aviation Regulation and Legislation, Auditing and the creation of Quality Control programmes.

Pete SheppardPete Sheppard
Pete Sheppard, a former UK prison governor, is a courseware developer and instructor in the area of Deportee Escort services for airlines and contract security companies.

Katharine NgKatharine Ng
Katharine Ng, a former flight attendant who later founded an airline, specialises in the design, development and implementation of Crew Resource Management programmes.

Steve WolffSteve Wolff
Steve Wolff, with years of experience developing advanced aviation security detection systems provides, helps clients select and integrate new technologies into their existing checkpoints.

Omer LavivOmer Laviv
Omer Laviv has expertise in the design and deployment of command and control solutions and the integration of security technologies into security sensitive sites.

Terry UpsallTerry Upsall
Terry Upsall is one of Green Light's leading trainers in the area of Disruptive Passenger Restraint Techniques and In-flight Security and Hijack Management programmes.

Andrew McClumphaAndrew McClumpha
Andrew is our domain expert in human factors and organisational effectiveness and brings a wealth of expertise to support the optimisation of human resources in all security operations.

Sagit YehoshuaSagit Yehoshua
Sagit is a criminologist with a specific interest in terrorist profiling, criminal behaviour and human trafficking; she runs or participates in our programmes focussing on the social psychology of terrorism.