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Violence In The Skies

Ever since the first hijacking in Peru in 1931, the aviation industry has had to grapple with the issue of ensuring security in the skies. We have had to respond to the threat posed by the asylum seeker wishing to hijack an aircraft to pastures deemed greener, by the terrorist determined to infiltrate an improvised explosive device onto a passenger jet, and by psychotic individuals who suddenly vent their anger at 33,000 feet. More recently the industry has had to develop procedures and technologies to mitigate the threat posed by the terrorist with suicidal intent...or even the pilot who is prepared to carry out an act of aircraft-assisted suicide.

Despite all the technologies deployed and airport-based systems in place, the industry remains exposed. The reality is that one is more likely to be hijacked than to ditch at sea. With this in mind, it is incumbent upon airlines to place as much, if not more, emphasis on the training of aircrew in security procedures and practices. Aircrew must recognise that they are part of the security web.

Disruptive passenger incidents are a daily occurrence plaguing the aviation industry. Flight attendants are the in-flight security professionals deployed to respond. Yet, it is still the case that the majority of the world’s airlines do not train their aircrew in the basic skills required to subdue a violent individual.

'Violence in the Skies' offers regulators and airline personnel responsible for procedural development and aircrew training an opportunity to meet, discuss and study potential responses to all unlawful acts perpetrated in-flight. The three-day seminars are limited to 25 delegates in order that participants interact with each other and exchange viewpoints. Whilst Green Light instructors facilitate the programme, they also actively encourage audience participation.

'Violence in the Skies' normally runs once per annum. Dates of the next seminar will be posted on this website once they are finalised. If you are interested in attending a future event, please CONTACT US and ask us to advise you when the dates and location of the next event are set.