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TRAP™: Tactical Risk Assessment of Passengers™


Based on years of research and experience, Green Light’s founder has developed a passenger risk management programme called TRAP - Tactical Risk Assessment of Passengers.

TRAP identifies the passengers that pose minimal risk and enables screeners to concentrate their efforts on the higher risk passengers

TRAP is designed to identify potentially threatening passengers by the creation of a security process built on a common sense-based analysis of passengers’ appearance, behaviour and travel documentation.

TRAP identifies a broad range of threats – from potentially disruptive passengers under the influence of alcohol through to the suicidal terrorist. It caters for the long-established threats in the form of armed hijackers, through to modern day sabotage techniques perpetrated by bombers using liquid explosives and, most importantly, responds to as yet untried attack scenarios for which current technologies deployed have no ability to detect.

TRAP rejects the premise that passengers can be judged on the basis of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, nationality or colour of skin. We are actually looking for positive indicators rather than negative indicators.

TRAP is not supposed to be deployed in place of technology, but rather to help screeners determine the most appropriate technology to use to screen a given passenger.

TRAP is designed to facilitate a faster screening process, reducing queues at security checkpoints and dispensing with the current predictable screening process.

The specifics of the associated training programme will always be customised to local needs for two reasons. Firstly, what may be regarded as normal behaviour in one location, may not be deemed to be as such in another. Secondly, it will be up to the local authorities to determine, based on their own security philosophy and technologies available, how passengers will eventually be screened once a decision has been made by the TRAP-trained screener.
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