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Training Aids
Training Aids
Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Testing Kits
SERIE™ E – Training case for security training and testing.

Kits includes following inert components (one of each):
  1. C4 block (250g), mouldable
  2. C4 block (120g), mouldable
  3. Dynamic cartridge
  4. Electric detonator
  5. GSM timer device
  6. Clockwork countdown timer
  7. Electronic countdown timer
  8. Light sensitive booby trap
  9. Tilt booby trap
  10. Anti-opening device
  11. Power source samples; 9v, Polaroid...
  12. Signal device light/sound
  13. Power pack (works with 9V battery)
GBP £975 excluding VAT and P&P (Ref. EXP001)
Manual of Prohibited & Concealed Weapons
Comprising of over 200 pages, this publication is packed with more than 600 colour photographs of weapons, their method of use and concealment. A full description accompanies each article and, where possible, each weapon is shown lifesize. Its purpose is to make you aware of those items which can be disguised, homemade or improvised, illustrating that the design of any weapon is only limited by an individual’s imagination. This work is now being accepted as the definitive weapons awareness training tool available anywhere in the world today.
£275 + VAT (where applicable)
P&P: £15 UK,
£60 Europe, £60 Rest of World
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call +44(0)20 8255 9447 or
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