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Threat Appreciation

Threat Appreciation: Security for Low Risk Airports

Target audience: civil aviation authorities and national regulators; small, regional airports.

Threat Appreciation: Security for Low Risk Airports, is a one day seminar tailored to the needs of low-risk airports covering:

  • history of attacks against civil aviation
  • threat appreciation
  • technology capability
  • behavioural analysis
  • basic self-defence  

We place considerable emphasis on the criminal threat and the actions ofpsychologically disturbed individuals, both of which phenomena can happen anywhere, rather than focussing on the traditional terrorist threat.

This course is aimed at civil aviation authorities and national regulators, to play a coordinating role for airports within their jurisdiction, whereby airports within a given national state are invited by the CAA / regulator to put on a seminar for the benefit of all their airport-based employees.

Cost effectiveness for the airports is the primary driver behind the regulator being involved. Rather than organising one off events in one location, and having to fly the facilitators in for overseas for one day, with the regulator acting as coordinator we can run a series of these seminars around the country and spread the travel costs accordingly. The cost per seminar is dependent upon the number of seminars to be conducted within a one week period.

The airports themselves would need to provide the venue (a training room), lunch for delegates and marketing to local companies e.g. local airlines based there, the screening agency and managers of airport-based businesses.   

For further information or to discuss implementing the seminars in your jurisdiction, please contact us.