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Security Auditing & Red Teaming


Green Light is experienced in conducting security audits (surveys) for organisations within the transportation, tourism and hospitality industries. The audits are designed to evaluate the extent to which internal, national or international standards are being met and highlight areas for improvement. Our consultants work to the client’s brief, which determines the scope, scale and duration of the audit, and produce a constructive, confidential report that is submitted within days of the audit’s conclusion. Generally, audits cover all areas of the operation, from the procedures enacted to the usage of manpower, and from staff training through to technology maintenance and emergency response capability. 

Red Teaming

For the most effective test of the effectiveness of a security operation, we offer our clients the opportunity to run a live operational test whereby we simulate an attack scenario. For the screeners or guards, such tests are completely unannounced. We use a combination of security consultants and professional actors to attempt to penetrate a checkpoint. All concealments of prohibited items carried by the team can be reasonably identified so that the operatives are being tested on what they would be expected to identify.