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T.R.A.P.® Profiling and Behavioural Analysis


T.R.A.P. ® is an effective way to upskill your security personnel through behavioural analysis education. The training courses provide participants with a methodology of identifying threatening or potentially disruptive individuals through observation and questioning techniques. Our solution is based on logical common sense-based risk assessment, baselining and a non-discriminatory profiling system that has been developed over 20 years.

The T.R.A.P. ® programme has been delivered as specific training for employees at a number of international airports and major sporting events.

T.R.A.P. DoorAn entry level, introductory half-day course covering: Threat Appreciation, the Basics of Behavioural Analysis and  Suspicious Signs


T.R.A.P. ezeAn intermediate one-day course providing a deeper look into the basics of behavioural analysis, building on T.R.A.P. Door and including: Biology of Fear, Expectations of Behaviour and Basic Questioning Techniques.


T.R.A.P. the fullOur advanced level, five-day course, specifically  designed for the transportation industry includes role play scenarios designed to assess the ability of participants. The modules include all those covered in T.R.A.P. Door and T.R.A.P.eze as well as: Incident Reviews, Visitor Profiling, Terrorist Modus Operandi, Document Inspection, Advanced Questioning Techniques and Deception Indicators.