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Cyber Security

With the increasing adoption of digital technologies across the aviation sector, cyber security is becoming a serious and urgent concern. A successful cyber-attack can threaten lives, cause significant financial loss, disrupt operations and may lead to an irreparable damage to reputation.

Green Light can offer a dedicated comprehensive cyber security solution to meet the high demands of the aviation industry that requires more than traditional security measures to protect its complex ecosystem. It is based on a strategy that brings together highly trained personnel, up-to-date solutions, and the right technology and capabilities to detect, analyse and respond to threats in a timely and effective manner.

Our comprehensive solution concentrates on the big picture and creates tailor-made cyber security programmes based on experience in cyber warfare & intelligence. Our expert cybersecurity team has developed a holistic cyber strategy, addressing multiple threats within the aviation sector:

  • Airline and airport web services
  • Critical infrastructure infiltration
  • On-board systems attack
  • Cyber terror threats
  • Frequent flyer skimming
  • Supply chain inspection
  • Insider threats
  • Denial of Service attacks
  • Account takeovers
  • Ransomware

In order to counter these threats, we offer a portfolio of complementary services to reinforce our clients' security posture and bring it to the forefront of current technology and knowledge.

For example, in the ever-shifting landscape of cyber-crime and terrorism, having access to timely information and intelligence about possible threats and impending attacks is vital to protect an organisation. A multi-lingual team of experts gather contextual information from open sources and the DarkNet to create a comprehensive review of an organisation`s cyber threats. The report is created individually to serve the needs of the specific customer and contains detailed and prioritised information about past, existing and potential cyber threats together with recommendations for mitigation.

We also offer:

  • Risk Assessment: a comprehensive review of the company’s security level, listing vulnerabilities and mitigation recommendations.
  • Cyber Security Plan: a detailed, actionable and optimised cyber security and business continuity plan based on the completed risk assessment.
  • Incident Response Support: emergency expert service available 24/7 to handle any case of breach or attack, in order to limit damages and reduce recovery time and costs.
  • Training and Mentoring: flexible cyber security training programmes from general awareness to advanced cyber security skills.