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Computer Based Training

The In-flight Security course is designed to train aircrew to prevent and respond to potential in-flight threats. It is a collaboration between ICTS Europe, specialists in computer based training, and Green Light Ltd, specialists in in-flight security training.

The curriculum is based on international standards, as inferred by Annex 6 to the Chicago Convention. It covers procedures to detect potential problems before take-off, such as the analysis and baselining of passenger behaviour, as well as recommended responses to criminal acts perpetrated by terrorists, criminals and disruptive passengers in the air.

The programme includes weapons and explosives familiarisation, communication techniques, hijack response options and provides guidance so that aircrew can ensure their safety at airports and hotels.

The programme aims to enhance your aircrew's ability to respond to a wide range of threats, including:

  • Hijackings
  • Disruptive Passenger Incidents
  • Bomb Threats
  • Laser and MANPADs Attacks

The In-flight Security course will be delivered on the Eagle Computer Based Training (CBT) Platform and available over the web.


Eagle is an innovative Computer-Based Training (CBT) platform which offers a unique combination of aviation security expertise, the latest in CBT methodologies and state–of-the-art technology designed by a leading team of software experts, guided by security experts.


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